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1953 Citroen Light 15

The Citroen Light 15 owned by a Whitianga resident in New Zealand. The owner nearly dropped dead
when he saw it after the chemical strip. Makes it nice and clean to work on though.

Because the rust was so extensive the Light 15 had to be bolted to a jig
to stip it folding in half when the rusted panels were removed.
The floor and inner sills were in such a state that replacing them was the only thing to do.
The only thing wrong with the Light 15 is there are no patch panels available so we had to fabricate all the parts including a whole new floor pan and complete inner and outer sills.
More rust … more panels to be made.
The door skins were absolutely past repair so making new ones was necessary.
Not many panels without rust. Just a wee problem with the wider wheels and tyres not fitting under
the fenders so we had to fusion weld a 4-inch strip down the centre without making it noticeable.
The holes and brackets had to be adjusted accordingly to balance it all out.
All ready for the coat of Sikens Midnight Black in 2pac urethane.
Ready to do some serious
miles for the owner.

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